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Destination Utah Lake: By Your Experts on Snowmobile Rentals in Utah

We know there’re lots of you out there looking to get your fix of snowmobile rentals in Utah before the state starts to heat up for good. But what’s going to happen once that snow finally melts and the slopes are green and brown instead of powdery white? Well there’s no need to fret, because here at Rev6 Powersports, we’re your experts on all things outdoorsy and powersports here in Utah. We’re here to tell you that there’s lots to do in Utah during the summer, and some of them are right here in your backyard. One of Utah’s less used gems is our very own Utah Lake. Everybody knows about the Great Salt Lake, but not many people get to experience it’s younger brother, Utah Lake.

Utah Snowmobile Rentals or Jet Skis?                                                                                    

Luckily, snowmobiling and jet skiing are in two different seasons, or else we think we might face a perpetual paralyzing decision between the trails on our snowmobile, or the lakes on our jet skis. Utah Lake is Utah’s third largest lake and has 4 main boat harbors—one in Provo itself, one in Saratoga Springs (on the west side of the lake), one in American Fork, and one in Lindon. The main differences between Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake are size and water. The Great Salt Lake is a behemoth when compared to Utah Lake, but the scenery is stunning no matter which one you choose to visit. Utah Lake’s water is fresh, whereas the Great Salt Lake’s name is a dead giveaway for its salty waters.

Must-dos at Utah Lake

So just like most lakes, there’s a long list of incredibly exhilarating water activities that are available at Utah Lake. Many of the frequenters hone their fishing skills on the peaceful waters. Lots of people cruise around on jet skis or wakeboards. One of the coolest new additions to Utah Lake is going to be the new wakeboard cable park set to open in early summer/late spring of this year! Jet skis and boating are some of our specialties here at Rev6 and we love to make your lake trip a hassle-free and fun-full trip. Because of that, we drop off and pick up any rental equipment, and you just get to worry about having a good time. So for all you Utah snowmobile rental junkies, get excited for summer and all that Utah Lake has to offer!

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