Core Tear Down for 2004-2017 Sportsman,
RZR, Ranger, 700-800

Please remove the following parts before shipping your core to Rev6 engines

Remove the following parts:

● Exhaust header
● Oil filter
● Cam position sensor (only 2011 + models)
● Oil dipstick/tube


Remove the following parts: (continued)

● Spark plugs/wires
● Intake flange
● Injectors
● Starter
● Engine mounts


Remove the following parts: (continued)

● Thermostat housing/thermostat
● Thermistor sensor
● Brass inlet plug
● Primary clutch


Remove the following parts: (continued)

● Mag cover/bolts
● Stator/bolts
● Flywheel (keep nut and washer)
● bendix/starter gear (keep thrust washer)
● Water pump housing/bolts
● Water pump blade (keep nut, washer and blade)
● Inner mag housing/washer
● Balance shaft gear (keep bolt and washer)
● Camshaft gear (keep bolt and washer)
● Oil pump
● Woodruff key ( located on the mag side of crankshaft)


Remove the following parts: (continued)

● Remove valve cover cap/bolts
● Rocker arms/bolts
● Push rods
● Motor mounts/bolts