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Shipping Instructions

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Shipment of Cores With Rev6 Packing Materials

For cores being shipped in the box that was received from us with the purchase

Please reuse the box as well as the packaging material supplied in the original packaging of your purchase, unless you deem the material too damaged or otherwise unfit for use. If you do feel like the shipment would be compromised in any way by using the supplied packaging, you can refer to the instructions regarding the shipment of the core without Rev6 packing materials. If you have any questions about the re-usement of the material, please feel free to contact us.

Shipment of Cores Without Rev6 Packing Materials

For cores being shipped without a Rev6 box or materials

If you are shipping the core before receiving the newly purchased engine from us, please ship it in a strong walled box, either a plastic tote or a double walled cardboard box. Be sure to allow enough room on the sides, top, and bottom of the container for sufficient padding (at least 3 to 4 inches). Padding can be anything of a soft material, stuffed tight enough that the core won’t move within the container. Suggested material would be shipping paper, foam pool noodles, cloth from old clothing or towels, or materials of that sort.

Rev6 is not responsible for the return of shipping containers or items used as packaging/padding for the shipment of items to our facility.

Rev6 is not responsible for lost packages or shipping damage to cores so please make sure it is packaged well.

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