Top 3 Reasons Why Your Snowmobile Won’t Start After Summer

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Once summer is over and you try to start up your snowmobile at the beginning of the season it may not start, generally there are three main reasons why. Of course it’s always a bummer when your grown-up toys break, especially ones that have motors like snowmobiles. Sometimes it’s an easy fix. The top three reasons why your snowmobile won’t start after the summer season is over are:

  1. Fouled spark plug – They just get plugged up sometimes and need to be changed.
  2. Fuel Quality – Fuel tends to degrade in quality when it sits around during the off-season. You can use fuel stabilizers but it’s recommended that you drain fuel at the end of snowmobiling season and start off with fresh fuel at the beginning of the season instead.
  3. Oil – Just like in your car the oil needs to be checked regularly.

If you have checked all of these possibilities for your snowmobile it’s most likely that there is something else wrong with your machine. The best option now is to take it in. A great place to do that is REV6 Powersports. As for snowmobile engine repairs they offer:  piston replacements, lower end, crankshaft repair, oil pump repair, big bore kits, high compression heads, exhaust modifications, four stroke valve adjustment, and four stroke service.

Of course it’s always best if you keep up on the routine maintenance for your snowmobile and REV 6 Powersports will do that also. They offer: basic service, full service, 10-hour service, pre-season service, & summerizing. This can help prevent things from breaking or getting run-down on your snowmobile.


Keep your snowmobile in good shape and for those repairs that you can’t do yourself and need someone you can trust to do such repairs call REV6 Powersports today at 801.489.8697 or you can even visit their website at

If for some reason your repairs can not be completed in time, don’t miss the snowfall.  Renting is a great option that can keep you on the trails while your snowmobile is getting fixed in the shop.  Rent Here >> or call 801-489-8697 and Rev 6 will get you a sled for the day.


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