UTV Engine Upgrades- F6 Engines Offers Power and Reliability

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Hey off-road enthusiasts, Mike from F6 Engines and Parts here. Nothing compares to the thrill of tearing up trails with an ATV or a UTV powered by a roaring engine beneath you. But what if I told you you could boost your ride’s power, endurance, and reliability with top-notch engine upgrades? Let’s dive deep into why our UTV engine upgrades are the talk of the ATV and UTV community and how we ensure they outperform factory standards.

Crankshaft Advancements – The Heart of Performance

Think of crankshafts as the heart of your engine. And in any good engine upgrade, the crankshaft is where you want to start. Take, for example, our RZR 800 crankshafts – a testament to our dedication to performance. We’ve re-engineered them to improve oil flow significantly because we’ve understood that the wider the oil orifices, the smoother your engine runs.

UTV engine upgrades

Forged alloy steel. We’re talking extra strength and durability to handle higher pressures and temperatures. One of the perks of a forged alloy is its bigger end tolerances, which puts a full-stop to rods failing when you least expect it. Upgraded crankshafts equals less wear and a longer-lasting engine.


The Unsung Heroes: Valve Guides

You might not know about valve guides if you’re not deep into engine tech. Here’s the deal – they’re crucial for engine health. Factory valve guides are known to expand and contract, weakening with constant temperature changes over time. And before you know it, oil loss becomes your engine’s worst enemy.

But here at F6, we’ve switched to manganese nickel bronze valve guides. These bad boys keep their cool, literally. They maintain their thickness no matter how hot your engine runs, ensuring consistent performance and stopping oil loss in their tracks.

Piston Perfection with Rev6

We’ve also got something special for the UTV pistons – the upgraded Rev6 pistons. They’re crafted with a higher silica content, meaning they won’t betray you with unexpected expansions if you’ve skipped your engine’s warm-up routine.

Upgraded pistons with higher silica

On top of that, they come polished to repel carbon buildup, maintaining that top-notch performance every adrenaline junkie craves. And the special coatings, Molly or Teflon, are like butter for your engine’s break-in period, making it smoother and faster.

pistons on table

Bearing Down on Precision

Regarding bearing specs, accuracy is key, especially with the high-powered 900 and 1000cc Polaris motors. Here’s a common mishap: the factory-stamped numbers and letters meant to match bearings with crankshafts might not be spot-on, leading to a domino effect of engine issues.

We mic out all the journals and everything, ensure all engines are 100% on their proper clearances.

That’s our mantra at F6. We meticulously mic out every dimension to ensure precisely calibrated bearings for seamless operation and extended engine life.

So, why settle for a factory when you can turbocharge your ride with F6 Engines? Spend less time worrying about engine mishaps and more on mastering the trails.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more power-packed insights. Stay tuned for the next dive into engine excellence with F6 Engines and Parts and UTV engine Upgrades – because out there on the trails, only the strongest engines survive.

See you next time, riders!

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