How To: Upgraded Cam Chain Tensioner Install

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Hey everyone, it’s Jake from REV6. I’m thrilled to present an in-depth tutorial on upgrading your ATV with the REV6 Cam Chain Tensioner. If you’re an ATV enthusiast who enjoys upgrading and fixing your ride, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’re diving deep into one of our game-changing products: the REV6 upgraded cam chain tensioner.

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The Problem with Hydraulic Tensioners

Many Polaris motors come equipped with a hydraulic tensioner that only applies the necessary tension to the cam chain once sufficient oil pressure has been built up. Before this pressure is achieved, there’s a risk of the cam chain skipping teeth, leading to catastrophic engine failure as valves may clash with pistons, forcing a rebuild of the entire top end. It is an issue that some of you may already be painfully familiar with.

Equipment Need to Upgrade the Cam Chain Tensioner

Introducing the REV6 Ratcheting-Style Tensioner

We’ve developed a mechanical, ratcheting-style tensioner that works harmoniously with OEM-style hydraulics to resolve this issue. This tensioner continuously adjusts to maintain proper tension, eliminating the risk of skipping even before oil pressure is built.

When you unbox our REV6 tensioner, you’ll find:

  • Mechanical ratcheting-style tensioner
  • Two-bolt flange gasket
  • Anodized black aluminum billet adapter
  • Spacer/dowel pin
  • Crush washer
  • (2) 10mm bolts
  • O-ring
  • 10mm plug

We’ll also provide a link with a complete list of tools you’ll need for the installation, which includes:

  • Contact cleaner (like brake cleaner)
  • Assembly lube or waterproof grease
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • 10mm open-ended wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Optional: inch and 1/16 wrench or crescent wrench, if available

Installation Tips for the REV6 Tensioner

Let’s jump right into the installation process. It’s consistent whether you’re rebuilding an engine in or out of the machine.

Preparing for Installation

Before starting, ensure your engine is positioned at the top dead center (TDC). It can be checked using a timing tool or screwdriver to feel for the piston’s highest point. For those with access to the crankshaft, align the cam marks to confirm the top dead center is reached.

Removing the Old Tensioner

With the engine prepped, the first natural step is to remove your old tensioner. It might be the hydraulic one that comes standard on many Polaris engines. You’ll notice the difference as it operates based on oil pressure and quickly plunges without it.

removing the tensioner

Installing the REV6 Tensioner

With the old tensioner out, you’re ready to install the new mechanical ratcheting tensioner:

  1. Clean the tensioner’s mounting surface with a brake cleaner to prevent dirt from entering the engine.
  2. Check for any burrs around the hole that might cause leaks.
  3. Apply a dab of assembly lube to the o-ring and end of the tensioner to ease installation.
  4. Situate the spacer with the flat side toward the engine and the beveled side facing out.
  5. Insert and gently snug the mechanical tensioner into place with the provided bolts, making sure everything is even and flush.

Wrapping Up the Installation

Complete the installation by securing the tensioner:

  1. Rotate the mechanism counterclockwise with a flat-blade screwdriver to retract it fully.
  2. Use needle-nose pliers to lock the tensioner using the set pin.
  3. Finish snugging up the bolts with a 10mm socket.
  4. Apply more assembly lube to the surface where the o-ring will seal.
  5. Install the crush washer and the 10mm plug, torquing everything to the correct specification (86 inch-pound).

Post-Installation Testing and Adjustments

After installation, it’s essential to rotate the engine a few times to ensure the timing hasn’t been disturbed and everything is running as it should. If you notice slack in the chain after running the engine, a few minor adjustments using the provided tools can quickly rectify the issue.

Ready for Anything: The Benefits of the REV6 Tensioner

Installing the REV6 tensioner on your Polaris ATV doesn’t just offer peace of mind. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a family rider prioritizing safety, it ensures your ride remains reliable and ready for action. An upgraded cam chain tensioner enhances safety and efficiency and reduces noise and vibration.

Want More Tips and Tricks?

If you want to see the REV6 tensioner installation on other models or have any questions, let us know in the comments below. Our team is always ready to help and provide tips for maintaining your ATV.

Feel free to follow us on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more handy guides and exciting content. If you ever need assistance, you can text our REV6 number and expect a response from our team within ten minutes. Until next time, riders – stay adventurous!

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