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How to Turn Old UTV Engine into Cash?

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Have an old engine gathering dust and taking up space? It might be the perfect candidate for remanufacturing. Discover the possibilities with Rev6 Engines & Parts, where we make it worthwhile to cash in on your core! In this blog, we will help you turn the old UTV engine into cash easily.

What is a Core?

Think of a core as the heart of your engine. It’s the old cylinder heads, engine cases, and all those non-wear parts that you might consider worthless. Guess what? They could be a goldmine!

Your core is your old engine. At Rev6, we specialize in giving these engines their second wind, ensuring that they meet, if not exceed, OEM quality. Through a meticulous remanufacturing process, we combine new and robust parts with your trusty non-wear components, like cylinder heads and engine cases.

The Remanufacturing Process to Turn Old UTV Engine into Cash

Stripping down an engine to its core, we send each part through a rigorous cleaning circuit. This isn’t just a quick rinse—we’re talking about a high-grade blasting and cleaning process that breathes new life into every component.

Once the parts are sparkling clean, they are meticulously adjusted, checked, and brought to spec. It’s not just cleaning; it’s practically reinventing. By the journey’s end, these engines want to conquer the terrains anew—perhaps better than when they first rolled off the production line.

Your Options When it Comes to Cores at Rev6

Here’s where things get exciting. You have cores lying around, and we are passionate about bringing them back to life. At Rev6, you have a duo of choices for your cores:

1. Turn Old UTV Engine into Cash by Selling Old Core to Us!

Got some old cores in the garage? We’re more than eager to make an offer. Head over to our website, and you’ll find it’s a breeze to kick things off:

  1. Click on “Sell a Core.”
  2. Fill in your details.
  3. Submit and wait for a swift response from our core purchase expert.
  4. Agree on the price, and get your shipping label and instructions sent over.
  5. Ship it to us and wait for your check to arrive—it’s that easy!

2. Refundable Core Charge

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a new engine, simply pay the refundable core charge, and we’ll get that engine shipped to you. And here’s the best part — once you send us your old core using our packaging, you’ll receive a full refund of that core charge. Would you prefer not to pay upfront? Not an issue! Here’s how it works:

  1. Place an order for the new engine.
  2. We’ll send you a customer packet detailing what to keep from your core and what to send.
  3. Pack up your core using our step-by-step guide.
  4. Ship off the goods—then sit back, relax, and get ready to revamp your ride.

What about Core Damage? Good vs. Bad Cores

Wondering if your core is eligible for remanufacturing? We’re often asked about core damage and how it affects value. Here’s the lowdown:

A ‘bad’ core might have gaping holes in the cases. However, a ‘good’ core could have minor holes and cracks within the realm of repair. Rest assured, if there’s damage we can’t work with, we’ll still provide options like a weld machine fee or a potential deduction from your core charge for new cases.

Still on the fence about your core’s condition? Don’t guess—reach out to us:

  • Shoot over some pictures to 801-489-8697
  • Give us a call
  • Text for a quick quote right then and there

We’re here to help you determine what’s best for your core and wallet.

Turn Old UTV Engine into Cash

Start Today – Turn Old UTV Engine into Cash!

Let’s wrap this up with a clear call to action. To all ATV, UTV, and snowmobile enthusiasts, your old engine cores are not just a scrap pile—they’re potential cash waiting to be claimed. Shoot over to Rev6 Sports at and start the simple, rewarding journey of cashing in your core.

Remember, these cores aren’t disposable—they’re a gateway to reviving your love for the ride and earning a nice sum. So let’s get those engines rolling again, making them as robust, or even stronger, than ever before, with a brand you can trust — Rev6.

“Oh, and don’t forget—adventure awaits, but so does that check for your core. Let’s make it happen!”

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