A Guide to Timing Your RZR, Ranger, and Sportsman 600/700/800cc Engines

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Hello there! This is Mike from Rev 6, providing an in-depth tutorial on properly timing your RZR/Ranger 800 and Sportsman 600/700/800cc engines. In this guide, we will go through every step in detail. So, let’s dive right in.

Understanding Camshaft Gear Removal

When removing your camshaft gear, there are a few key things to look for. Numerous springs provide tension inside the gear and hold the camshaft gear in place. The removal of these gears can be quite tricky due to these springs.

To make the removal process easier, follow the steps below:

  • Use a tool to unscrew and remove your 13-millimeter bolt.
  • Re-insert this bolt into one of the holes on your camshaft gear. This step will keep the springs in place when you pop out the camshaft gear, preventing them from scattering everywhere.
camshaft gear removal of Razor Ranger and Sportsman

Note: Make sure to reinsert the bolt properly to keep the springs from popping out and getting lost.

Camshaft Gear Alignment

A common mistake people make is not correctly aligning the dots while reassembling the camshaft gear. Each camshaft gear has a dot on the outside and a timing mark on the inside. These marks need to line up perfectly. If not, your camshaft timing will be thrown off, potentially leading to engine trouble.

Correctly Timing Your Engine

Before you start timing, ensure that the dots in your camshaft gear are lined up inside and outside. The 13-millimeter bolt, once re-inserted, will hold the gears in place and make installation easier.

Installation of The Oil Pump

Firstly, you’ve got to install the oil pump. The good news is there are no specific markers on the oil pump, so it can be installed without worrying about proper alignment.

installation of the oil pump

Place the Balance Shaft Gear on the Engine

The next step is placing your balance shaft gear onto the engine. Here, you must pay attention to timing marks on the balance shaft gear. There are two of them: one on the crankshaft gear and the other on the balance shaft gear itself. Align these two dots perfectly before setting the gear in place.

Remember: Timing is vital in this step. Ensure that the timing marks on the balance shaft gear align perfectly with the mark on the crankshaft gear.

Line up the Dots on Each Gear

Once these are lined up, you can place the camshaft gear onto the balance shaft gear, lining up the dots on each gear. When all the gears and their respective timing indicators align perfectly, it’s time to secure everything in place.

Re-secure your Camshaft

The final step involves re-securing your camshaft gear with the bolt you had initially removed. Once you’ve confirmed the alignment of the gears, tighten the nut.

And voilà, you’re all set!

re-securing camshaft b y tightening the nut

Summing Up

In a nutshell, engine timing can be a meticulous task. However, with careful attention to the alignment of each gear and their respective timing marks, you can navigate this process successfully. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient running engine!

To watch the full, in-depth video tutorial, visit our YouTube Channel.

Remember, it’s always better to consult professionals if you face difficulties or uncertainties with Razor Ranger and Sportsman engines. Stay safe, and happy tuning!

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