How to Spend the Summer in Ski Utah?

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So many people come to Utah every year to shred the slopes and check out the incredible winter wonderland that can be found all over Utah—all the resorts and slopes in Salt Lake, Park City, Provo, and even down into Brianhead or up into Cache Valley. Utah is known throughout the world for having some of the best skiing and snowboarding worldwide. However, once you adrenaline junkies looking for the best slopes or for Utah snowmobile rentals start to see the ice melt, does the fun leave too? We have a few tips for what to do when the canyons start to look green again, and when the only powder is dirt.  

#1 National Parks

Utah is home to some incredible 5 national parks, all of which are majestic and spectacular in their own way. Let us introduce you to a few of them:

Zion National Park—An incredible look into southern Utah. It’s known for its slot canyons and narrows, and of course for the daunting and incredible Angel’s Landing. What more could an adrenaline junkie ask for than to climb up a 1,488-foot rock jutting hanging onto a rope and looking down the cliff on either side?

Arches National Park—Who hasn’t seen the deep red-orange Delicate Arch reflecting the light of the sun in a gorgeous Southern Utah sunset? Arches, located in Southeastern Utah boasts some incredible natural arches (over 2000!) and obviously some incredible views.

Capitol Reef National Park—One of the lesser known national parks, this picturesque place gets its name from the likeness of the US Capitol Building to the white sandstone domes that this park boasts majestically. 

#2 Lakes

It just so happens that the state capital is named Salt Lake City for a reason. Utah boasts a whopping 647 lakes, and several of them are world renown. Take a try in Salt Lake and see just how much salt water affects buoyancy. Take the boat out onto Utah lake and try some water skiing. Try out the thrilling and incredibly exhilarating kiteboarding found in Bear Lake in Northern Utah. Or try the amazing canyons of Lake Powell out for a try. 

There are so many options for getting your thrills in Utah during the summer—and Rev6 Powersports can help you get them!

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