Ultimate Guide to Shipping RZR 800 Engines the Right Way

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Hey there, mechanics, enthusiasts, and everyone ready to send their beast of an engine back to the pros at Rev 6! I’m Mike, your friendly neighborhood shipping RZR 800 engines adviser, and today, hold onto your lug nuts, because we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of how to snugly pack your precious RZR 800 or similar core engine for its journey back to us.

shipping RZR 800 engines

Whether you’re shipping a Ranger 800, a 600, a sportsman, a Ranger, or any other models in the family, I’ve got the lowdown to make sure your engine gets to us without turning into an expensive paperweight. But before we roll up our sleeves, remember the golden rule we live by at Rev 6: Wrap it before you pack it! Let me explain.

Step 1: The Grand Wrap-Up

Before you even glimpse a box or a bin, let’s talk defense against the dark arts… of oil leaks. Snugly wrap your engine with a simple garbage bag or any trusty bag you’ve got around. This tactic is all about ensuring that any leftover grease or oil stays OUT of the box and IN the bag. Trust me, you don’t want to be on FedEx’s naughty list if your engine decides to mark its territory en route.

Step 2: Tote-al Protection

It’s tote time! Not just any tote, though. Venture to the land of orange aprons – yes, Home Depot – and score yourself a tough-as-nails, I-will-survive, 27-gallon heavy-duty tote. Why? Because shipping companies are going to treat it like a suitcase at an airport – and that’s gently saying it.

Give Your Engine a Cardboard Cushion

Once you’re all totes-excited, lay siege to cardboard-like it’s going out of style. Line the bottom of your tote with as much cardboard as you can muster. This is your engine’s shock absorber, the unsung hero that takes the hit if your package gets the drop (literally).

placing cardboard for an extra layer

Step 3: The Big Bubble Debate

Bubble wrap. It’s not just for stress relief. When you’re picking your bubbles, think small. The little, fine bubbles cope better with heavyweight champs like your engine, sticking around for the whole ride. Big bubbles, on the other hand, are just waiting to pop and bail when things get tough.

Pro tip: You can also get the right stuff from Home Depot.

Step 4: Pack It Like You Mean It

This is where the magic happens. Stuff that engine in the tote as if you’re playing Tetris in hardcore mode. Fill every space, nook, and cranny until the engine can’t even wiggle. Perfect packing is like a hug from the inside out – it’s support and care, and it means you’re serious about your engine’s well-being.

Mind the Mag and PTO Shaft

Got sticky-outy parts like the mag and the PTO shaft? They need extra love in the form of extra cardboard. A cushy layer ensures nothing will poke through and say ‘surprise’ to the outside world.

Step 5: Seal the Deal

The top of your engine packing saga is just as crucial. Pile on more cardboard and any remaining packaging material until it’s snugger than a bug in a rug. The goal is to have no movement, no shaking – just an engine ready for whatever bumps in the road come its way.

But hold up – there’s one thing you absolutely can’t forget. Slip in that Rev 6 core return form. Like a passport for your engine, no form means no identity, and we don’t want your engine going incognito in our shop. Keep it in there so we know it’s yours the moment it lands.

Zip It, Label It, Ship It

With your lid secure and the engine packed tighter than a CEO’s schedule, get some heavy-duty zip ties and lock down the lid. A cut here, a snip there, and those tails are gone, leaving everything neat and ready for the road. Add an extra cardboard piece on top as a throne for your shipping label, then tape it like it’s a scroll containing the secrets of the universe.

installing zip ties

Test It Out

Alright, it’s shake-test time – also known as the moment of truth. If you can jostle your tote and feel as much movement as a sloth in slow-mo, you’ve done it right. Package it, expecting it to be drop-kicked by a bored FedEx guy. If you don’t think it’ll pass that test, then go back to the packing board and fortify.

All done!

And that, my engine-sending friends, is the art of packing your RZR, Ranger, and Sportsman 800 engines (700s, you’re in this club too). If questions are brewing, or if you need some pep talk, holler at us or check out our treasure trove of info at ww.rev6sports.com.

RZR 800 engines ready to be shipped

Remember, shipping RZR 800 engines safely is like love – it takes time, patience, and a whole lot of bubble wrap. Until next time, keep those engines tight and those shipments right. Thanks!

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