Introducing the Rev 6 UTV Piston: Enhanced Performance in Every Way

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Hey, it’s Mike from Rev 6. Today, introducing Rev 6 Piston, a game-changing product. A robust offering developed to function with multiple models, the Rev 6 Piston is the go-to solution for enhancing the performance of your machine.

In this post, we’ll take a detailed look at the features that make our Rev 6 Pistons unique and different from factory pistons.

Extensive Compatibility

We have diligently worked on making our Rev 6 Pistons suitable for a wide range of machine models. We’ve engineered them specifically for the Ranger, Sportsman and the RZR 800 models, but that’s not all.

We also offer pistons tailored perfectly for all the 570 cc models and the powerful 1000s. On top of that, we’re excited to expand our range by developing pistons for even more brands in the future.

The Complete Package

Man explaining what's included in the package

Along with the piston, our package includes upgraded Rik piston rings, the wrist end, and the necessary circlips. By choosing us, you’re assured of receiving a complete, fully-featured package that is easy to install and is bound to enhance your machine’s performance.

explaining various parts of piston

Superior Manufacturing & Design

Our Rev 6 Pistons are an upgrade from your factory pistons on multiple fronts. We use a unique silicon-aluminum alloy material, which offers enhanced heat resistance and less expansion, especially during cold starts.

Our manufacturing process also includes hard anodizing the tops of each piston for additional strength. We’ve gone a step further and added an MSO two coating – this combination makes for a far stronger piston than your typical forge piston.

“With our pistons, you’re less likely to cold seize one of these just because they’re not going to expand as much as your typical forge piston.”

The result is a long-lasting piston that even outperforms on cold starts.

Additional Features

We’ve implemented a few noteworthy additional features to increase the durability and performance of our pistons. These pistons come with sustained ring and skirt life – this means you don’t need to worry about any random breakages occurring at skirt or ring points. We’ve focused on maximizing the strength of the ring lamps and skirt, offering you a hassle-free, long life from your machine.

Into the Future: The Snowmobile Pistons

An exciting development at Rev 6 is that we’ve started manufacturing our own snowmobile pistons! Particularly for the Ski-Doo 800R E-TEC and P-TEC models, these pistons also boast the same strong features as our standard models: hard anodized coating, MSO two coating, and even drilled oil holes for additional oil and flow to the skirts.

Rev six piston

Contact Us

We hope you’re as excited about our Rev 6 Pistons as we are. Take the first step to enhancing the performance of your machine by checking them out. For more information, please visit our website at or call us at 801-489-8697. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for joining us on this product journey, until next time!

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