Rev 6 Cylinder Heads: Upward and Onward with Unparalleled Reliability

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Hello, my fellow enthusiasts! This is Mike from Rev 6. Today, I’d like to share some exciting insights about Rev 6 cylinder heads and the upgrades that can make them perform even better. If you want to learn how these upgrades can make your standard player cylinder heads compete with the best, stick around for more details.

The Lifeblood of Your Engine: Valve Guides

One crucial aspect to consider is the valve guides used in Polaris engines. Steel valve guides are commonly used in these engines but don’t hold up well. They wear out quickly, causing oil to leak from the engine. It’s unclear what mix of steel is used for these guides, but they wear out sooner than expected due to their tendency to expand and shrink with temperature changes.

Rev 6 Cylinder Heads

Bronze Alloy Upgrade

We have an effective solution to address the issue you’re facing. Our solution involves installing bronze alloy valve guides, crucial in maintaining your engine’s health. Unlike steel guides, these guides have stricter tolerances and are more resistant to the expansion and contraction caused by heat. As a result, your engine can remain calm and perform at its best without losing any oil. Rev 6’s bronze alloy valve guides are the way to go if you want reliability and durability.

Valves That Stand the Test of Time

Moving on from discussing the guides, let’s talk about the valves themselves. Our forged nitrite, single-piece valves are in a league of their own. These solid and resilient valves are built to last and won’t need to be frequently lapped or stretched. This means that you’ll need fewer shims in the future. Although you might need to check and reshim them every 5000 miles, it won’t be a relentless, rolling task. Our valves prioritize quality, ensuring that they hold up over time.

Rev 6 Cylinder Heads

Rev 6 Cylinder Head Precision at Its Finest

Rev 6 cylinder heads are one of our finest creations. The process begins with precisely machining valves and seats to ensure tight tolerances. We then ensure that each cylinder head is flat, leaving nothing to chance. Additionally, we subject these heads to rigorous pressure testing to ensure no leaks. This is how we do things at Rev 6 – with an unwavering attention to detail.

The Cam Cap Chronicles

Let’s focus on the cam caps. These components are often overlooked but can cause oil flow restrictions due to their original design. However, we have redesigned them to allow oil to flow freely to the journals. This means less wear and tear and improved performance. If you have ever seen the damage caused by worn camshaft journals, you will understand why this modification is necessary. Rev 6 meets and exceeds expectations with our strategic enhancements, providing optimal performance.

The Rev 6 Promise

We understand that trust is built on results. We aim to deliver that with our rev 6-cylinder heads. You’ll see and feel the results when you’re behind the wheel. You’ll see and feel the results when you’re behind the wheel.  For more details, visit our virtual garage at Rev 6 Sports. You can also call us at 801-489-8697. Our team is always ready to chat. Thank you for visiting us and sharing your knowledge. Keep revving and trusting in Rev 6’s unmatched resilience until next time! Remember, your engine is the heart of your ride. At Rev 6, we make sure every beat counts.

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