Polaris Trail King 2014-2017 RZR 1000 Platinum



We guarantee your engine will be as good as new. We stand behind our engines with a 1-yr. warranty.

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This engine is specifically designed for the avid trail rider! 

Increased bottom end threw top end horsepower and torque that will allow you to tackle any dunes you point your rzr at! The Rev 6 trail king engine package will include CNC porting that is designed for 13-15+ horsepower, efficiency and torque. 

High compression 11.1 forged pistons that are lighter, stronger that will also increase horsepower and torque and low end response. 

Bronze nickel valve guides improved for less friction at high rpms. 

( Recommended clutch kit specifically designed for your riding style )

Customers are responsible for establishing their own tuning for all upgraded engines.

We guarantee your engine will be as good as new. We stand behind our engines with a 2-yr. warranty.

Your complete engine rebuild includes the following:

2-yr. warranty
New Crankshaft
New Cylinders
Forged Molly Coated Pistons
Re-Plated Cylinders
New Water Pump
New Counter Balance
New Lifter Assembly
New Valve Seal and Seat
Cases will be completely cleaned and sandblasted to like new condition
Double inspection guarantee; your engine will be assembled by one master technician and inspected by another master technician to ensure your engine is better than new

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