Polaris RZR RZR TURBO Stage 3 Performance Bolt on Primary Clutch


Rev6 offers quality parts that are proven to last.


RZR TURBO Trail King Tune

Polaris RZR RZR TURBO Stage 3 Performance Bolt on Primary Clutch

What are the benefits of having Rev6 Re-tune your existing ECM? 


  • Increased horsepower
  • Modified fuel curves
  • Optimum timing
  •  Faster throttle response
  • Cooler running temps
  • Removed torque limiters
  • Raised RPM limits
  • Speed limiters removed
  • Raised acceleration limits


Our tuning will provide you with increased horsepower, removed torque limiters, modified fuel curves and optimum timing.

Fan will turn on at lower temps and allow your machine to run at 100% throttle.


Rev6 does all tuning in house.

We will require your ECM here for the tuning to be uploaded.


All files are loaded same day and shipped same day!

24 Hour turn around time


We include 2 day express shipping back to you, free of charge.


Stage 1 Tune 5-10 HP Increase


Stage 2 Tune 10-20 HP Increase


Stage 3 Tune  20-30 HP Increase

Stage 4 40 HP Increase (Requires 100 Octane)

REV6’s clutch assemblies include a 1 year warranty! These will be a new, fully built clutch ready to handle whatever you can throw at it.
all clutches will include our fully adjustable clutch weights and magnets.
Adjust weights are great, weather you are dune riding, mudding, trail riding, running larger tires or tracks, these give you the ease and comfort to adjust quickly for wherever your application takes you!
This clutch application works amazing on stock and performance modified machines!
What are the benefits of running a Rev6 clutch assembly?
– Increased RPM
– Increased belt life belt life
– Decreased wear
– Longer clutch life
– Faster acceleration
– Better performance
– Easily adjustable
– Heavy duty tapered shaft
– Faster shifts
This listing includes the following parts:
– (New) REV6 Primary clutch assembly
– Adjustable Rev6 Performance weights
–  REV6 Helix
– Primary spring
– Secondary Spring
– Magnetic adjustable weights

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