Polaris RZR/Ranger 900/1000 Cylinder Head CNC Porting Service 15HP


Rev6 offers quality parts that are proven to last.


Need more reliable horsepower? We got you! Rev6 offers a CNC porting service that gains you up to 15 HP!
Improved/increased horsepower whether your machine is stock and need the extra pickup or if you are running aftermarket big bores, turbo kits, cams and more!
Not only are you getting our performance CNC porting, but we are also replacing all your valve guides with our upgraded manganese bronze guides!
These guides retain there size, no matter how hot or cold they get. This means less valve guide wear and oil loss.
What are the benefits? 
– Massive air flow increase
– Huge horsepower improvement
– Cooler Exhaust gas temperatures
How does the process work? 
– Order
– Receive our shipping label & rebuild form via email
– Put your old cylinder head in a box
– Ship it with our label and rebuild form
Once your cylinder head arrives at Rev6, we will run it through the build process and have it shipped back within 7-14 days of receiving it here.


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