Polaris RZR 800 Complete Camshaft & Water Pump Upgraded Replacement Kit


Rev6 offers quality parts that are proven to last.



REV6  includes a 1 year warranty with all new and remanufactured parts. 

We have complete confidence in what we sell and our warranty backs that up!

Standard S/H.O duration and lift.

This is a replacement cam for RZR 800 models.

Includes the following parts:

– Upgraded camshaft

– (4) New high performance lifters

– Mag cover gasket set

– Mechanical water pump seal

– Aluminum upgraded water pump impeller

Camshafts are built stronger than OEM camshafts. All of Rev6 camshafts undergo a nitrided process.

Pros of nitrating 

– Less premature wear during break in.

– Better wear protection throughout engine life.

– Stronger than OEM or standard heat treated cams

– Better performance & horsepower

Rev6 offers quality parts that are proven to last.

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