Polaris RZR 2014-2022 Stage 2 Clutch Kit & ECU performance Tune


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Polaris RZR 2014-2022 Stage 2 Clutch Kit & ECU performance Tune
Get your ECM tuned with more performance, more power and maintain reliability! 
Rev6 offers 5 levels of tuning, from stock, to big performance upgrades. 
Tuning Levels:
Level 1 Tune 110-117 HP (Stock)
Level 2 Tune 120 HP (Slip on)
Level 3 Tune 127 HP (Full Exhaust)
Rev6 will send you a from to fill out, so we know what tune you should be running with your current setup! 
Getting your ECM flashed with the proper tuning will make a huge difference! 
All Rev6 does all tuning in house. We will require your ECM here for the tuning to be uploaded. 
All files are loaded same day and shipped same day! 
1 day turn around! 
We include 2 day express shipping back to you, free of charge. 
Adjust weights are great, weather you are dune riding, mudding, trail riding, running larger tires or tracks, these give you the ease and comfort to adjust quickly for wherever your application takes you!
This clutch application works amazing on stock and performance modified machines!
What are the benefits of running a Rev6 clutch assembly?
– Increased RPM
– Increased belt life belt life
– Decreased wear
– Longer clutch life
– Faster acceleration
– Better performance
– Easily adjustable
– Happy customer