Polaris 17-22 RZR 1000 Stage 2 Upgraded Top End performance Kit


Rev6 offers quality parts that are proven to last.


Complete (New) Upgraded Complete top end Master Rebuild Kit with Our Upgraded Shim conversion kit.

Upgraded high aluminum alloy silicone pistons for better performance, expansion and longevity!

Complete Stage 2 Performance application. Enjoy more power with less worry!

Easy to install, easy to use! No more time and money wasted on installing shim buckets from Polaris!

This kit will save you time and money.

Adjust your engine valve clearance using commonly available shims 9.48mm shims

High performance shim conversion kit.

Fits the following applications:

Kit includes:

– New Nickel Plated Cylinder

(2) Upgraded Piston Kit (High Comp)

– Complete top end gasket set

– Stage 2 Intake Camshaft

– Stage 2 Exhaust Camshaft

– 4 Upgraded forged exhaust valves

– 4 Upgraded Intake Valves

– 8 high temp valve stem seals

– 8 DLC coated buckets

– 8 DLC coated retainers

– Complete shim kit (Includes all sizes)

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