Polaris 19-20 Ranger 900 Transmission


We guarantee your transmission will be as good as new. We stand behind our engines with a 1-yr. warranty.


We guarantee your engine will be as good as new or better. We stand behind our engines with a 1-year warranty.

We offer a 2 year, no fault, no questions asked warranty!

This means whether you sink your machine, ingest dust or forget to put oil in it, we will replace or fix your engine for free, no questions asked for 2 years. No mileage limit!

For more information, please review our warranty policy.

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Additional information

Core Options :

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Warranty Options:


Gear Reduction Options:

Do NOT add gear reduction +$0, 12% Gear Reduction +$225.00, 24% Gear Reduction +$225.00

Upgraded HD Reverse Chain Options:

Do NOT add upgraded HD reverse chain +$0, Add upgraded HD reverse chain +$400.00

Turf Delete Options:

Do NOT add turf delete +$0, Add turf delete +$0