Polaris 18-20 RZR 900 Upgraded Remanufactured Cylinder Head


Rev6 offers quality parts that are proven to last.

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Rev6 offers quality parts that are proven to last. We stand behind our new and remanufactured parts with a 1-yr. warranty.

This listing is for a complete Remanufactured cylinder head (Upgraded)
Everything included in this listing is all high quality parts to make your UTV or ATV last longer and out perform your OEM engine.

This Listing fits the following applications: 2018-2020 RZR 900 engines (All Models)

Rev 6 remanufactured cylinder head will include our exhaust side upgraded manganese bronze valve guides that retain their size, better heat dissipation and longevity.
Upgraded forged one piece nitrated valves that are stronger than OEM, better rev count, performance and longevity.
High temp, performance valve stem seals.
Modified cam caps for additional oiling to the top end.

Rev6 cylinder heads will come complete with cams, shimmed and ready to install!
We set all valve lash looser to accommodate for lap in time. This will help reduce the need for shimming after the break-in point.

Send your old core back and receive 600.00 back on the core!
Rev6 will include a return label with the new cylinder head for your core return.

Some deductions may affect getting a full refund on the cylinder head, depending on damage.

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