1996-2014 Ranger 500 Valvetrain overhaul Kit


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1996-2014 Ranger 500 Valvetrain overhaul Kit
Complete (New) heat treated Camshaft and rockers replacement kit.
Be cautious  of the low priced Chinese camshafts & rockers available online..
Some of these camshafts have little to no heat treating applied, causing premature camshaft wear that can result in premature engine failure.
All of Rev6’s camshafts have the proper heat treating that will reduce premature wear, better performance and longevity. 
Camshafts will fit H.O models and none H.O models.
Great, easy upgrade with no tuning required on all non H.O models.
Includes the following parts: 
– New Heat treated H.O Camshaft (Includes compression relief)
– New heat treated exhaust & intake rockers 
– Complete top end gasket set 
– (2) Forged upgraded exhaust valves 
– (2) Forged upgraded intake valves 
– (4) High temp valve stem seals