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Engine Remanufacturing Process: What You Need to Know

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Hey there, off-road enthusiasts! It’s Mike from Rev 6 Engines, where we specialize in the UTV/ATV engine remanufacturing process. We’re all about giving your engine that breath of fresh life by fully disassembling it, replacing worn-out parts, and reassembling it to factory-new condition.

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Today’s treat? We’re opening the hood on our signature Rev 6 process. The nuts and bolts are covered from when your engine lands at our shop to when it purrs its way back to your doorstep. And here’s a bit of insider info: specialized expertise is our claim to fame, particularly for the UTV and ATV crowd. Let’s not waste precious ride time sending engines back to the manufacturer. Instead, Rev 6’s doors are wide open for you.

Rev 6 Engine Remanufacturing Process Explained

We’re on a mission—crafting engines that don’t just meet the standard but soar right past it, destined to be your loyal companions for the long haul.

how engine is manufactured

How do we ensure such quality, you ask? It all starts with a teardown on the good ol’ teardown bench. Picture this: your engine, a majestic beast of power, being stripped down to its core. Outdated parts? They’re hitting the road, straight to the scrap pile. We’ll then sift through the rubble—cases, cylinder head, balance shaft, and any salvageable bits. Every piece goes under the magnifying glass in a quest for imperfections, large or small.

Persistence is the soul of excellence; at Rev 6, that persistence is rooted in every step.

With the green light on the inspection, your engine’s remnants waltz into a steaming dance in our high-pressure hot tank. It’s quite the tango, shedding off all the grime and gunk clinging to the parts.

A Gleam Like Never Before

Post-soak, they’re off to the blast room, where old metal is reborn, emerging with the kind of sheen that’d make a new penny blush. But we don’t stop there—the cleaning process is a double feature. Another tank session ensures nooks and crannies are spotless and primed for greatness.

The Assembly Line Awaits

With the cases buffed and prepped, they join forces with the cylinder head, freshly escorted from our headroom pros who’ve worked their magic. Outdated valve guides are ousted, making way for our titan-like magnesium nickel bronze upgrades. And let’s not forget the fortunate Tritone one-piece valves—we’re stepping up the game.

As the assembly team greets each glistening part, it’s like watching a surgeon at work. Fitting new cranks, connecting rods, pistons—the works. Every gasket and seal was laid out as royal garb for the engine’s grand ball.

Rev 6 Remanufacturing Process

Here’s where the true alchemy happens. Our technicians conjure the essence of precision and care in the build room. Every part undergoes yet another inspection because when we say premium, we mean no corner unpolished.

And then, the symphony of assembly unfolds. Bearing tolerance checks, ring gap measurements, piston-to-cylinder harmony—picture every detail scrutinized with an eagle’s gaze. We’re talking top-tier attention to ensure smooth sailing when your engine finally hits the road. When all’s said and done, your fully inspected, battle-ready engine makes its way to the final pit stop: our shipping department.

Destination: You

Packed with care to withstand the most adventurous shipping journeys, the engine is nearly yours. Oh, and a little swag might just tag along for the ride—keep an eye out for some excellent Rev 6 stickers.

engine remanufacturing process

With half a century in the engine remanufacturing game, the Rev 6 family is itching to roll up their sleeves on your project. Hit up our website, and give us a call. A friendly chat with us might be the beginning of your engine’s transformation story.

Catch you on the flip side, and keep the rubber side down!

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