Engine Rebuild service

Looking to save a little money? Well you can!

Rev6 can help!

Rev 6 offers a complete engine rebuild service If your engine has low hours, low compression or burning excessive amounts of oil, it doesn’t always warrant a new engine.
Sometimes it’s hard to justify paying for a complete new remanufactured engine, but with our rebuild service we can tear your engine down,
diagnose the issue and call you with a finalized price quote and save you money.

How does Rev6’s rebuild service work?

  • You will need to pay a 500.00 deposit (This amount will go towards the final rebuild cost)
  • Rev6 will send you all the how-to shipping information and the core tear down.
  • We will email a label and schedule a pickup when the engine is boxed up and ready to go.
  • Once the engine arrives, we will disassemble the engine, inspect for diagnosis and damage by one of our master technicians and call you with a finalized price.
  • Once we have approval, we will repair your engine and ship it out with free shipping included!